Positions Held: President, Piercing Heart Music and Media Group (PMG), Vice President, Ignite the Night ministries. Worship Leader; Singer/ Songwriter/Producer; Associate Pastor/ Youth Pastor; Operations Engineer; Media Consultant; Installation Engineer.Worship Arts Director
Singer/Songwriter/Recording Artist: Vocalist, Acoustic guitar; Keyboards; Drums and percussion
Hometown: Baltimore, Maryland, home of Chesapeake Bay blue crabs, Ravens football, and Orioles baseball.
Most Likely To Say: "when God gets the Glory- we get the blessings!"
Most Likely To Be Told: "get a haircut and a real job!"
Best books I've read lately: "Extravagant Worship" by Darlene Zschech, “Purpose Driven Life” by Rick Warren. (Both for the second time!) “Experiencing God” by Henry Blackaby
Most Memorable Moment: Being a Dad fills my life with memorable moments. Most recently, experiencing the fullness of God as the Holy Spirit inhabits my worship…now that is unforgettable and irreproducible, since it is solely God whom controls it. Also, I agree with many of my fellow band mates and worship leaders, there is something very special about having others use a song that I penned (God created through me) to worship Him.

What Has God Taught You Through Music?
I have worked in many different bands since being introduced to the music scene in High School. I've played in front of some large audiences and have been places I only dreamed I’d be- yet, in those early days I always seemed to come away unfulfilled. Now I know why. Because God promises so much more than we can even imagine for ourselves. Until I honored Him with the gifts He has given me, it was time wasted.

Music has helped to reinforce the reality that God will put together a most unlikely alliance, and produce some of the most spectacular and rewarding experiences of life. We just need to work on being sensitive to His leadings and obedient to His direction. I am blessed to be working with talented and gifted musicians and artists that glorify God with their abilities.

Music is much more than art- much more than communication or emotion. Music is a work not unlike the Bible itself…God’s living, breathing tool to communicate His love for you and His purposes for your life that goes deeper than words. You can’t open the Bible, read it cover to cover and say that you are done. Read your Bible, and enjoy the musicality of it- it touches your soul differently every time; again and again…God will reveal Himself to you in a fresh new way- every time you seek Him. Let music take you to new heights- into the throne room of the Most High!

“But if from thence thou shall seek the LORD thy God, thou shall find him, if thou seek him with all thy heart and with all thy soul.” Deut 4:29