Do You Hear?

What do you think?


My favorite Christmas song! I've never heard it done quite this way- now it's my new favorite!! Thank you-this blessed me today!
This is GREAT! I love the energy and it really ministers to me as a beautiful story of the Child born to us! A wonderful twist on a classic Christmas song! THANKS!!
I love hearing ur voice. Sounds like an angel. I love u all and miss u. I will b at the new church soon as i can. Keep prayng for me. Ur voice is just something that needs to be shared with the world. After all theses years it still raised the hair on back of my neck. Craig just listened and smiled. Said u r great man. Sending lots of love
You and your boys did a fantastic job loved it. I am going to share it with my friends. You are truly blessed.
Absolutely LOVE it, have missed hearing your music, so glad to be able to have a link to be able to hear what you guys are doing.
Awesome, always loved that song, extremely impressed with how you and the boys changed it up!
Awesome rendition of "Do you hear what I hear." Wow....I am completely taken back!!!!!! Love you brother!
What a joy to record this with the boys in our home studio! These guys are so talented and unpredictable- and their love of God shines through all they do! That makes for some great music!

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