Worship Flow

As a Worship Leader, and a worshiper- I love it when there is continuity or "flow" to the worship experience. But... I've heard so many opinions about this; I think it's time to expand our dialogue a bit…




Good points, James! I agree it is sometimes distracting at church when we interrupt the flow of worship to do the social and administrative church business routine
I have my own studio space at home. My favorite thing to do is to dim the lights, turn on my LED candles, and break out my acoustic guitar and WORSHIP! It’s just me and GOD in a very intimate setting. I find myself flowing from one song- or part of a song, into another connecting to the Holy Spirit and I sing, pray, and just reach out to God, as His presence becomes ever stronger. Praise seems to naturally come later- I begin to feel more energized and joyful and start to celebrate with more upbeat songs, rhythms and themes... this is all different than how our corporate worship service is structured. At Church we open up with a praise song (or two) then do announcements and updates, meet and greet (handshaking), then begin to transition to more "worshipful" music, with space in between for tithes and offerings.; then comes the reading of the word and the message. We will typically close with a song; either up-tempo or "worshipful “and slow, depending on the feeling and atmosphere ending the message. My hope is that the Church service is one cohesive worship experience. It is ambitious for sure- but I have experienced this on occasion. The key is to make sure Jesus is the entire focus- the entire time. Often people get it wrong, they think of worship as only music. But showing our adoration and acknowledging His immense worth does not stop there! Pastors pour themselves out over a prayerful and anointed sermon- that’s worship! All those other elements should contain a high level of excellence, passion and God-focus as well. As much as I love Him and know this is true, the minutiae and structure of our services often makes it difficult to not have perceived “gaps” or voids as the service progresses from beginning to end. As Worship Leader I try to keep the atmosphere congruent through continuous music (i.e. pads or quiet meanderings) and intentional and subtle lighting changes. And of course, insuring that my heart is right and I maintain focus the entire time…

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